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Small Business Marketing

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I know you are wondering how it is possible toget this huge loan without collateral.I will explain.Following Central Bank of Nigeria,CBN's consolidation ....

You don’t need collateral to get a micro-finance loan’

3 Nov 2008 ... Micro-finance banks are established exclusively to help reduce poverty at the grassroots by making loans available to small scale business.

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Car loan or lease. Small Business Administration loan. Collateral. Common types of collateral .... Ask for a loan without a detailed repayment plan in hand. ...

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Next review what might serve as collateral for your loans. Some credit is granted on an unsecured basis, such as credit cards, but most small business loans ...

Raising Business Capital With Or Without Collateral In Nigeria

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NAICOM - For a healthier Insurance Industry in Nigeria - Home - 02:33

Federal Government body regulating the insurance industry. Includes list of approved industry practitioners.

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Jobs at Industrial & General Insurance (IGI) Nigeria, Industrial & General Insurance ( ... Jobs at Unic Insurance Nigeria, Unic Insurance Nigeria Jobs.
Federal Government body regulating the insurance industry. Includes list of approved industry practitioners

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Google Referrals Can Help Your Insurance Agency Write More Policies

Every insurance agent marketing their agency knows a referral is golden. Actually, some of the most successful agents I've talked to market their agency via word-of-mouth referrals and nothing else.
If you are one of these fortunate agents--read no more. If you're not among those blessed with an overflow of referral-based clients, we have a few tips to help you gain some "non-traditional" referrals.
What if Google and Yahoo and MSN became another source of referrals? Granted, the search engines aren't human, so there is not the traditional "Word-of-Mouth" involved in this type of insurance referral. But these search engines are big, and they are trusted by millions of people each day. While a recommendation from Google or Yahoo may not carry the same weight as a mention from the friend of a prospect, these search engines certainly have a much wider range of potential people they touch than any human.
The idea of weight or strength of a recommendation is important. A verbal tip from another person will nearly always be worth more than any search-based mention on the internet. However, the effort required to get the referral from another person is largely based on the perception of the referring party: are you worthy of being mentioned to a friend? Are your customer service, your rates, your claims service all delivering well enough in the mind of the referrer to make you worthy of mention? Hopefully the answer is yes; and you are using your skill as an insurance agent and a salesperson to make sure those factors are presented in a positive fashion to your referral base.
However, there are cases where the search engines may be the only referral source you have. What about when a person moves to a new town, without knowing anybody they can lean on for advice on insurance? Increasingly, the search engines are a resource that people go to when they either don't want to bother anybody because they are afraid or shy (yes, there are people like that) or find themselves in a new situation.
But the search engines have no idea how good your claims service is, or how great your rates are, or how fantastic a job you do in looking out for a customer. The search engines, though trusted by hundreds of millions of people, are suddenly rating you on an entirely different basis than your clients. And you need to learn how they rate you to succeed in marketing your insurance agency.
Craig Lutz-Priefert is Vice President of an insurance lead generation firm. provides insurance marketing services for local insurance agents. also provides quality natural insurance leads and agent-engineered websites

How to Sell to Online Insurance Prospects

Online leads for the insurance industry revolve around the concept that a prospect who is shopping for insurance submits their information to a website and that information is then sold to a number of insurance agents thus making sure that the prospect has a lot of options for insurance coverage and the agent has a prospect who is ready to buy insurance. This is a very beneficial business move for all involved.
Insurance agents have to realize that this type of prospect is different from other prospects they have worked with before. Formerly, the prospect would call around to multiple insurance agencies obtaining leads and talking to numerous agents. Thus the contact was initiated by the prospect. In the case of online leads, the information comes to the agent, but the agent has to initiate the sale. Most producers are stuck in the rut of only calling once or twice and then moving on to the next lead or discontinuing online leads all together. This type of business model frustrates both the agent, prospect and the lead providers. Remember these key points and sell more business from your online leads and make more from your investment.
1. Call multiple times. Prospects do not want the agents to call every day, but they may wait till the storm of agents calling is over then make decisions. Calling for a period of 30 days for personal lines and 60-90 days for commercial, life and even longer for health insurance leads should be expected. Multiple calls allows the prospect to hear your name more often and allow for conversations at the prospect's convenience thus creating a positive rapport.
2. Email multiple times. I know multiple agents who will run a quote with the information obtained from the quote request, and then send it by snail mail. Prospects using online leads are looking for quick responses and information by email or phone. I have seen a lot of prospects request to not be called at all, but only to be contacted by email. Multiple approaches to contact are always a good idea.
3. Call at renewal. You have the prospect's information and they requested to be contacted, if they provided their renewal date, the opportunity is there to quote the business again. Calling or emailing the prospect this time around is not met with the same overwhelmed prospect on the other side. Take the opportunity to reconnect and sell the policy the second time around.
4. Continuous Marketing. Eventually, these prospects might shop for insurance again. By sending post cards, mailers, sending emails to your prospects and continuously marketing to these prospects. Multiple exposures puts your name and your agency at the fore front of their memory so that they recognize your name. This is branding your agency.
Residual marketing will establish your agency as a fixture in your community and with your market. Be available. You never know how or when business will come knocking at your door.
Teresa Kitchens
VP Operations of Net-Lead, LLC, the creators of the AgencyIQ System Teresa is one of the co-founders of the AgencyIQ System and a proud owner of her own insurance agency. Visit for more details.

Do Less Work and Increase Productivity!

A lot of insurance agents think that creating a successful insurance agency is an easy thing to do. Everyone has to have insurance, right? There is a secret though...hard work. The difference is between the agencies that opening their doors, put an ad in the phone book and hope they start making sales and agencies that aggressively pursue quality business is the key to making a successful agency.
But how do you "pursue business aggressively"? Insurance agents know how to sell insurance if the prospects come to them, but agents are generally not experienced at running a business.
1. Begin by getting a flow of prospects coming into your office. Purchase online leads or excel spreadsheets to give you prospects to market to. Some agents open the phone book and start dialing-for-dollars, but for the time spent, this is a lower return for your money.
2. Hire an assistant to "assist" you. A CSR or any assistant can run quotes. Once a flow of leads is coming into your office, get someone to process your leads quickly. Mail the quotes, email the quotes, and follow up by phone. Pursue your business aggressively. Save your commission sales for producing business. Hourly assistance makes great phone marketers and quote generators.
3. Go for the cross sell business. Writing multiple lines of business doubles or triples your success. Writing the multiple lines will also guarantee the client stays with your agency longer.
4. Get a system to help you manage your prospects and track your effectiveness of your sales tactic. Keep a flexible strategy for reaching your prospects. Work what brings you success. Find a system that gives you auto-responders, tracking of reminders, attachments, and keeps your leads at your disposal for marketing. Keeping your information helps you to find your marketing strategy amongst all the confusion of running a business. Try a system like AgencyIQ to help you manage the sales process easier!
Run your agency like a business and experience the success that it can bring. Be aggressive in your business tactics and reaching out to new clients, but don't forget the integrity. Do the right thing by your clients and you will have a successful insurance agency. Happy Selling!
Teresa KitchensVP Operations of Net-Lead, LLC, the creators of the AgencyIQ SystemTeresa is one of the co-founders of the AgencyIQ System and a proud owner of her own insurance agency.
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Diary of a Lonesome Insurance Salesman - Insurance Sales Success

When you open your appointment book does it look like your bank account? Empty! Can you sit in your office for hours on end with no interruptions in the form of phone calls from potential prospects and suspects dropping in? Feeling as lonely as the Maytag repairman?
Well, at least you know what the problem is. You don't have enough prospects or you aren't able to secure an appointment with the prospects you do have. Either way there's one simple reason this is true. You don't know how to market yourself.
Yeah, I know you've cold called until your ear feels hot and you have a crook in your neck. You've mailed countless letters to more people who also don't want to talk to you. You've tried inviting people to seminars, and no one showed up, or they only showed up to get a free meal at your expense. Looks pretty hopeless, huh, Eeyore?
Stop the pity party and start filling both your appointment calendar and your bank account. You just need to switch chairs for a while. The attempts you've made at marketing to produce sales leads have been slightly out of focus. Hello, Mr. Prospect doesn't care about you, your products, or your business.
Start singing a song written just for the prospect, and they'll chime right in to join the chorus. If you were sitting in their chair what would you be thinking? What would you be looking for? How could you turn things around and produce an entirely different result than the one they expect? The secret to your success, the secret to ending your loneliness lies in changing your focus from what you want to what the prospect wants, and then playing that song on their radio station.
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Am I Crazy to Help Insurance Agents Increase Sales? Sales Coach

Some would certainly say I must be. They view insurance sales people like a plague that needs to be eradicated. When you tell the people you meet you sell insurance you can literally see them shutter and scurry to get away from you as fast as possible as though you really do carry a disease. How are you supposed to increase sales when most people want to avoid you?
You're very familiar with this reaction, however, if you will allow me I would like you to imagine a completely different scenario. Before I share this envisioned scenario with you I'd like to forewarn you there are some important lessons for you to learn that will help you to increase your sales. Are you ready?
I'd like to take you out 90 days from today. In as little as 90 days a typical day for you is invigorating and highly productive. As you awaken and prepare for the day ahead you eagerly jump out of bed with a smile on your face excited about the appointments you have lined up with people you know are almost certain to buy today. You have a skip in your step as you walk to your dream car to drive to your first appointment.
As you meet with your prospects they warmly greet you and they're excited to tell you about themselves and what they really want. As you listen intently you immediately understand exactly how you can help them, however, you help them to discover how your solution is exactly right for them rather than telling them. They're intent on getting what you have now. Neither you nor your prospect feel like anyone has been "sold" anything. You will both feel like you've helped them to get the best solution possible for them.
On each subsequent appointment throughout the day your experience is nearly identical. At the end of your day you feel tremendous pride knowing that you helped a number of people get exactly what they want and need. As the day closes you know you've earned the rich rewards you've received this day for the care and service you provide. Tomorrow and all foreseeable days in your future you can expect more of the same. You have the financial wherewithal to live the life you want to live earned from acting on behalf of your clients as a trusted advisor.
As you read that story didn't you want to increase sales and live that life? Aren't you highly motivated to get and have exactly what that life provides? Wouldn't you eagerly whip out your check book and write the check to obtain that exact outcome because you know the value of that life is greater than the amount you'd be asked?
Now here's the lesson for you to learn from that story. Notice how I used word pictures when I shared that envisioned future with you. For example, when I used the word car your mind didn't see the letters c-a-r in your mind you pictured your dream car. Also notice how the picture I painted for you was in the present tense. Plus that picture demonstrated the exact outcomes you want and the exact actions you want your prospects to take. Together all these things produce an emotional response within you that provides the motivation to take action and to take that action now. Isn't that exactly what you want your prospects to do?
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